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We spend more of our life in the workplace than any other place, and never before has it been more important for a company to provide a work environment that is comfortable, welcoming and inspirational. In recent years there have been numerous surveys conducted about how important the working environment is to employees and increasingly important is the everyday environment.

We all have the likes of Google and other large tech giants where working environments that inspire creativity are created with absolutely no expense spared. Perhaps the most important thing to understand about these environments is that they not only inspire innovation and creative thinking but the working environment attracts the best creative and innovative minds.

Creative Office Interior Designers

Never before has creativity and innovation been more important! The instant gratification World we live in where news takes seconds to be delivered around the globe, where million Rand deals are done without ever shaking the persons hand you are dealing with, where video congferencing meetings are the order of the day and where the world is operated from screen to screen, has made our lives and our reality unrecognizable from a mere 30 years ago.

What we are saying is that those who lead corporations 20 or 30 years ago are still leading corporations today…. If they were able to embrace the change, that is the modern World.

Collaborative Office Space Design

Communal office spaces with small private meeting rooms and comfortable furniture are more important today that the corner office with a view. I have been into small/medium companies that employ 30-150 people where the CEO and CFO have desks in the same row as the rest of the staff. Each staff member’s function is done with a certain pride and the reward is being able to work in an environment that is welcoming and creative.

The online World has created a different worker, no longer are suits and ties, closed doors and inaccessible top management the order of the day, but open, colourful spaces with couches and comfort. Food and social areas. It is these types of spaces that the modern job seeker is looking for. A place that will not stifle his/her creativity but reward the innovation and creativity that this new online economy demands.

Let us help you design a work space that will not only convey the right message to your customers but attract the type of workforce that will drive your business forward profitably.

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Office Interior Design in Johannesburg

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Space Planners Johannesburg

We are a committed team of highly motivated space planners bursting with creative genius! Our teams comprise interior architects, designers and management personnel that not only make office spaces beautiful with low energy footprints, but office space that flows for maximum personnel efficiency.

Let us meet with you and to discuss your needs and we will provide a space planning experience complete with 3D renderings, office furniture suggestions, lighting suggestions and in short a complete space planning package.

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