Office interior design specialists Johannesburg

Turn your office into an inspired, highly efficient work space for less than you think

before-after-office-interiorYour corporate offices say an enormous amount about your business and the people that run it. Our office interior design specialists in Johannesburg offer a completely free consultation service where we get to understand your business, your customers, your staff and the workflow processes.

By doing a thorough workflow evaluation it is possible to determine the proximity and workspace required by each person in the chain and to place them optimally within the space. It is quite incredible what the correct furniture in the correct place occupied by the correct staff members can do for morale, workflow efficiency and general efficiency.

We of course only make recommendations to optimise your work space and through a consultative process design the most efficient, cost effective interior office space that conveys the company ethos to both staff and customers. Never under estimate the difference a work space that employees feel comfortable in to efficiency, productivity and job security can make. Businesses in South Africa are seeing higher than normal employee turnover and small changes to the working environment can make an enormous difference to turning that trend around.

As office interior design specialists in Johannesburg, we take every aspect of the environment into consideration and often bring in natural light, make eco friendly design changes and reduce carbon footprints. This again is a very important aspect of office interior design for both cost reduction and giving your employees a sense that you care. These small gestures that resonate with so many people in the work place today, are increasingly becoming motivating factors for staff retention.

We are a very flexible bunch of office interior design specialists in Johannesburg and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free quote and consultation.

There are many occasions that our office interior design¬†team in Johannesburg has been to consult on a project and were met with skepticism about the cost of these “fantastic” ideas, only to have the clients thank us for doing such a thorough job and wondering how so much could be achieved for so little.

Let or design team spend time creating an office interior that will inspire creativity, increase staff retention, speed up processes and in the end create an environment that is both pleasing to be in and highly effective.