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    Space Planners and Office Interior Designers

    Based in Johannesburg, the heart of South Africa, Space Planners’ Interior Designers create beautiful and functional work spaces.
    Allow us to show you how to make your space work for you.
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    Space planners incorporate all aspects of office space planning design to ensure efficient and effective use of available office space to maximise productivity in an aesthetically pleasing way. Allow our interiors Designer to take into consideration your Company brand and values and interview key staff members to get a thorough understanding the message that needs to be conveyed to both staff and customers.

    Employees are our most important assets and the environment in which they work and interact with your customers is a critical consideration that reflects the value the organisation places on them. Never before has it been more important to create an environment office interior design that your employees want to work in, not only to retain their services but to massage their minds into creative and innovative thinking.

    It is no longer acceptable to simply use drywalling to create little cubicles for staff to work in or Feng Shui to make it feel good. Staff need to interact and collaborate for any business to get the best out of them. We are not saying don’t use drywall but there are ways to design using drywalling that will blow you away.

    People are far more mobile in the workplace than ever before, with the length that top people stay in positions getting shorter and shorter. This is not only a South African phenomenon where BEE codes have led to some people being more desirable than others in senior positions irrespective of their knowledge and experience. As Experienced Space planners we create spaces that optimise the interactive processes within the office and create areas that are most suitable to engage with customers. These areas designed for customer interaction are optimised using color, lighting, music and furniture which will create an environment conducive for positive outcomes.

    One of the most important factors for today’s mobile executives is their working environment, which comes only second to their pay packets. 

    By making use of us at Space Planners office space designers, we will take you through every step of the planning process, from initial consultation right through to architectural design, furniture selection and implementation of the project.

    What we take into consideration when planning the office space is the effect of the office space design on the employees including the colors, available natural lighting, perception of space, comfort of the seating and work surfaces as well as the carbon footprint and potential cost savings by implementing the project using sustainable materials and lighting solutions.

    Conveying the Corporate values and vision of your company to your employees as well as customers is a vital part of the space planning function and at Space Planners we are ever mindful of the value of employees that understand and identify with your corporate values.