Your employees spend close to 30% of their lives in your office environment so it comes as no surprise that recent surveys in the United States have shown that above all else, their working environment ranks as the most important factor for job satisfaction.

Creating environments that engage your staff, make them feel appreciated and stimulate creativity produce loyal, dedicated, creative members that are assets to your company.

When considering the design or redesign of your office space, the most important design factors are:

  • Comfort and suitability to the task – Use furniture items that are designed for the task, are comfortable, adjustable and place the employee in an environment that allows them to easily access company assets required to perform their tasks.
  • Communication – Employees may communicate with staff internal or externally with customer s or a combination of both. Ensuring that they are situated in close proximity to people or departments that they interact with regularly improves the flow of information in the organisation, effectively enabling them to provide a superior service to customers.
  • Flow – During the space planning conceptualisation phase, how departments interact and how information and documentation flow through the office are taken into account in order to create and maintain a logical flow of information and documentation.

A key element of our design process is the understanding of your business, it’s goals and past achievements, understanding the purpose of your business and the corporate identity. Combining the knowledge of your work flows and the gaols and purpose of your business enables us to plan your work space into an optimal, efficient design that communicates the values and identity of your business.

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