Wall coverings for office space or home spaces for that matter have come a very long way as printing technology changes. We are now able to print high resolution wall papers and 3D wall coverings that completely transform a space from a boring white wall into a tropical forest, an industrial concrete look and feel or anything else your mind can conceive.


The above is a beautiful example of there being little natural light but by using good LED lighting techniques, bright colours, minimalist furniture and a stunning wall covering, the office space is transformed into an inviting, light, bright and inviting space.

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Here you notice how high resolution printing has effectively brought the outside in. This wall paper on an office partition creates an individual space that is still part of the whole, is inspiring, clean and an absolute pleasure to work in. Minimalism and bright natural lighting are enhanced with this beautiful wall covering.


This stunning textured wall covering makes an exquisite reception area warm, welcoming and portrays a company that pays attention to detail, is sophisticated and exudes elegance. Combine these factors with a staff compliment that exude the same values and your customers will be customers for a very long time.


Industrial chique wall coverings are extremely popular and can be seen in offices around the globe. The open ceilings exposing the air conditioning ducts, bare walls either with concrete or brick exposed make for a very retro chique working environment and using high res printed wall coverings is a quick, cost effective and dramatic way to achieve this look.

We are a group of highly creative designers that would welcome the opportunity to consult with you on the design of your new office space. Using wall coverings and covered partitioning is a very effective way of creating innovative spaces that ooze creativity and productivity.

Would you like us to transform your office space? Click here for a free consultation >>