SpacePlanners creates functional and effective work spaces that are flexible, making optimum use of the space available to create a productive and pleasing environment for staff to work in.

In order to create these dynamic spaces it is essential for us as space planners to understand the dynamics of the office environment, including the reporting structures and communication dynamics within the individual departments and the organisation as a whole.

From here our designers, in collaboration with senior management, visualise the possibilities, taking into account technological reqirements and matching these with off the shelf or custom designed components in order to bring the expectation to reality.

At Space Planners, we are commited to utilising the available space at optimal levels, all the while taking the experiental consideration of the employee working in that space into account. There are complex relationships in the modern office environment that influence the effectiveness of the people working in the space.

Colour, texture and light can have dramatic effects on productvity levels and can be an influencing factor in a boardroom situation.

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